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Veggie Noodles This Winter 🍜❄️

Dec 13th, 2017

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter night. Even better if it’s got some savory ingredients you can really sink your teeth into, or in the case of ramen noodles, slurp up. We know it’s quick and easy but ramen noodles can be full of […] Read more

Why Value Added Produce Is The Way To Go 🥗

Dec 6th, 2017

This time of year Mother Nature gets a little confused! As the weather begins to change, extreme temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on the growing cycle of many of our raw products, mainly romaine. The warm days and cold nights translates into higher core and twisting of the romaine heads which is visually unappealing. This […] Read more

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 ‍

Nov 22nd, 2017

It’s happened to all of us or a loved one at least once in life: you quickly agree to host Thanksgiving Dinner without stopping to think first about the ramifications that come with being the hero. Sure you get to pull out your “fancy” flatware you never use, and finally get to buy the gravy […] Read more

Juggling Lettuce 🎪🤹🏻🚛

Nov 17th, 2017

Much like the circus (a large group of people travelling together on the circuit of a high-profile activity), which involves tearing down the show, traveling through the night to set up in the next town; Taylor Farms California, a subsidiary of Taylor Fresh Foods, is in the middle of moving the show from Salinas, California […] Read more

America Recycles Day

Nov 15th, 2017

Every day Taylor Farms works toward reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills by reducing the amount of materials that come into our facilities, reusing materials such as totes and bins, and recycling what remains. Each year, we donate over 3 million pounds of produce to food banks and charitable associations including Ag Against […] Read more

Veggie Noodles Cooking Challenge 🍜

Nov 10th, 2017

What began as a cooking contest took on more of a creative fun gathering, full of truly amazing savory dishes with Veggie Noodles inspired by Taylor Farms. The recipes revealed the sky is the limit when it comes to cooking with veggie noodles; from Spicy Lasagna Soup to Chicken Chili Verde Veggilada to Doodle Pineapple Cake, these recipes really demonstrate the versatility of […] Read more

Carrot Fries (Paleo & Vegan) 🥕

Nov 8th, 2017

The traditional french fry is often one of the hardest parts of sticking to a low-carb diet. That’s where Taylor Farms carrot sticks come to the rescue!  These carrot fries are a healthy and delicious alternative to the tasty spuds. Many experts claim the carrot is the perfect health food because of its high beta-carotene […] Read more

What is Your Favorite Sandwich?

Nov 3rd, 2017

Happy National Sandwich Day! We’re celebrating with a lunch party at Taylor Farms HQ — look at these delicious Subway sandwiches loaded with savory cold cuts and fresh vegetables! Taylor Farms provides over 65 million pounds of lettuce and spinach to SUBWAY® restaurants in the US & Canada annually. Taylor Farms has been a trusted […] Read more

Thanksgiving with a twist, literally!

Nov 2nd, 2017

It’s the time of year where gathering around a table with loved ones for a delicious meal is our focus, and that doesn’t always mean home-cooked. Nowadays, plenty of diners actually expect their Thanksgiving meal to be better!  So use Taylor Farms Veggie Noodles to turn the ordinary offerings into an extraordinary dining experience! When […] Read more

Wind-Up Wednesday With Veggie Noodles 🍴🍝

Oct 17th, 2017

One of our favorite food trends we are LOVING at the moment, is replacing heavy carbohydrates with fresh vegetables! Vegetables are now becoming the star of the show, aka, center of the plate! No longer just a side dish, veggies of all kinds and colors are being spiralized into healthy, delicious “pasta”. Taylor Farms Yellow […] Read more