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The universal goal of the fresh food industry is to eliminate failures in food safety practices. That’s why Taylor Farms implemented the SmartWash™ system, a revolutionary enhanced wash system that has enabled us to significantly raise the bar on food safety and the prevention of outbreaks.

SmartWash is a patented food wash enhancer developed by SmartWash Solutions, a division of Taylor Farms, that boosts the effectiveness of standard chlorine-based wash systems. Its outstanding performance guarantees the consistent removal of pathogens and 100% elimination of cross contamination of E. coli and Salmonella.

SmartWash is custom engineered to maintain the quality and freshness of food and is made from gentle, safe and common everyday food ingredients found in ice cream, salad dressing and soft drinks. This comprehensive system is being used at all Taylor Farms processing facilities to bring you the quality, freshness and safety you’ve come to expect from us and through the expertise of the SmartWash Solutions Food Safety Team, it is being shared across the industry.

Food safety can’t wait until tomorrow. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of food safety and customer satisfaction available to the industry today.